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Iberbox is a platform of services based in a sure encrypted end-to-end Clod of high efficiency focused on professionals and companies. This means that Iberbox is more than a simple space for storage, as it also offers other multiple services: automation of back-up copies, electronic register, availability of your data at anytime and anywhere, etc.

Iberbox offers a Cloud with a safe and confidential storage to which you could access by using the web application, mobiles applications (Android, iOS) and the computer application (Windows, Linux and Mac). And besides, at present it also offers three other services: an analytic tool to configure back-up security copies (to which you could access and monitor with remote control), an electronic register (that will allow a communication means entirely confidential and private) and the opportunity to include Iberbox and its services (and therefore its advantages in terms of privacy, confidentiality and safety), in a transparent way in any of its products and applications. These services are in permanent growth and development.

Nobody. Absolutely nobody. As categorical as that. The encrypted algorithm on the client’s side that Iberbox uses fulfill the requirements fixed by the Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite (CNSA) for the encryption storage of data classified as “top secret” by the USA. Not even Iberbox will be able to ever access to your data decoded. Never. Any client feels free to ask for a copy of our source code in order to be audited by an external expert in cybersecurity and cryptography.

When a user creates an account, a master code is generated in your device. All data a user uploads to Iberbox are encrypted in your device before to upload them to Iberbox, using that master code. That master code is stored encrypted by using the password of the account. On this way Iberbox can never have access to decode the master code of an account and, therefore, he will never be able to access to any file a user uploads to his account. The concept end-to-end encryption means precisely this: All information encrypted and decoded occurs in the user’s device. The servers only stores encrypted and decrypted information. The only way to decrypt the information is to know the password of access to the account. Iberbox is a safe box totally lock for your information.

All end-to-end encrypt is based on the master code of your account. Without the access password to reverse the process inversely is impossible. Consequently, the access password is vital to read your data in the same way as a password is needed to open a safe box. However, when creating your account (from an application or a web browser where you have your session initiated) you will be offered the option to download in your device a copy of your master code. You can download and keep it in a safe place. If in some occasion the password gets lost, that will be the only way to access to the information you have uploaded to Iberbox. This is the evident proof of confidentiality and privacy of Iberbox.

Iberbox is an exclusive, close and professional Cloud. We know a Cloud quality is not only measured by the storage space offered but also by the fundamental services offered to professionals and companies. Therefore, in Iberbox we offer a close and personalized technical support. Get in touch with us and you will be attended by one of our experts. If you have any problem or doubt, be sure you will be attended by an expert specialized technician who will solve the problem or doubt immediately.

Windows application can be downloaded directly from our web page. Linux application may be downloaded from Snap Store. The application for Mac is downloaded from the Mac App Store. Mobiles applications can b e downloaded from Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS)

Iberbox offers a regular price of 45 € per month. This price includes the entire Iberbox services: Cloud, back-up copies, electronic register, direct integration, access to all applications (web, desktop and mobiles), personalized technical support, etc. The allowed store share has a maximum of 500 GB. However, the chance to personalize the rate, if needed, is possible. Check the conditions in the price section of our web page or write to

Iberbox end-to-end encryption allows you to cancel risks in terms of data protection. That can be enforced by data protection rules in many cases. Iberbox solves this problem in connection with a possible EIPD (Evaluation of Impact Protection Data) and the Organic Law for Data Protection and Digital Rights guarantee.

Iberbox has a collaboration agreement with Lex Digital Lawyers, an office specialized in Data Protection that offers consultancy and adaptation to the RGPD. Enjoy the special conditions for becoming an Iberbox client and put an end to your doubts about the new regulations. They will supply you with all the information and documents that you or your company may need to obey the RGPD. Write to for more information.

There are three main differences with any other Clouds in the market: absolute confidentiality (the end-to-end encryption turns Iberbox into an unbreakable safe box), multiple services (storage space, back-up security copies, electronic register, transparent integration and much more to come), and proximity (a specialized, personalized an fast technical support in case of any issue or question)

Iberbox keeps always open a plan for distributors. Bring reference clients to Iberbox and receive a payment for as long as that user continues in Iberbox. Get information in the Distributors’ section in our web page or write to

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