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¿Do you want to be a dealer?

¿Do you want to be a dealer?

The cybersecurity suite in the Cloud for companies that want to grow.

In Iberbox we want to cover the needs of any business model, from large companies to small scale professionals. No matter what your model be like, we will create a secure Cloud only for you and endowed with what you only need.

Personalized storage space

Configure your Cloud in accordance with your business. Do you need to expand? We enlarge your storage space in minutes. 

Number of accounts upon request

You only pay for the number of accounts you need. Share and manage different storage spaces in a secure and easy way.

Integrated auditing assistant

We audit the different digital services of your business to find any breaches of security and we provide you with the appropriate measures to undertake in order to solve the detected problems.

Technical support for installation

Specialized professionals will assist to integrate Iberbox in the different services of your company, if needed.

Being Iberbox Business is to go some steps ahead

With Iberbox Business you can adapt the service to the shape of your company: personalized storage space, number of accounts upon request. Do you need to expand? There is no problem. If your company grows, our service will do it for you.

Iberbox Personalized Prices
Rates from 20€* /month
Special Plan adapted to what your business need.
Storage space fit to your needs
Pay only for the number of user accounts your company needs
Digital audit service integrated
Technical support for service installation
End-to-End encryption
Secure and confidential cloud
In accordance with the RGPD legislation
Management of backups
Electronic Register
Transparent integration
Specialized and personalized technical support

* Individual plans. Check conditions
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